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if cancer Was a fish

I'd Throw It Back

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If Cancer Was A Fish - book

Use the book "If Cancer Was A Fish" as an ice-breaker, a light-hearted gift, a compassionate emotional support when tough news comes. This easy to read kids book opens the topic with understandable comparisons and examples. From our family to yours, this story will lift your spirits and help you smile.


Cancer Hurts - coloring book

Spend 15 minutes to an hour helping a child color through their SAD - MAD - and WISH feelings. Give them the room to share tough feelings about their loss, trauma and fears. This small "Color It Out" booklet is a perfect template for color it out sessions in the future! 


Families Healing Together

When families read "If Cancer Was A Fish" and color through the "Cancer Hurts" coloring book together, real connection happens. If your family or someone you love is in the cancer fight, this book and color book combo make a beautiful gift in the toughest of moments.

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